Adding Your First App & Campaign

Add your first app to your Chartboost platform and start setting up campaigns to join the Chartboost network!

Adding App(s) 🔗

  1. From the top left navigation, go to App Management.
  2. Click the +Add New App button on the top right.
  3. If your app is live, select My app is live in the App Store and enter the app’s Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon App Store URL. Then click Connect App. If the connection is successful, your app icon and details will appear. Otherwise, please double-check your URL or provide the additional details prompted.
    • For Amazon Apps, also enter the Bundle ID as prompted.
  4. If your app is not live, select My app is still in development and specify which app store this app will be published on.
  5. Give your app a Name. This name will appear on your Chartboost platform for this particular app.
  6. You must comply with COPPA guidelines and specify if your app is directed at children under 13 or not. Review our COPPA FAQs for more information.
  7. Click +Add App to complete.

Integrating the Chartboost SDK 🔗

After adding your app(s), you need to integrate the Chartboost SDK in your app to activate our features.

Be aware that to be able to start monetizing with us, integrating the SDK is a mandatory step.

Download & Integrate SDK

Start a Campaign 🔗

To start publishing, your app will need to be approved. See our Publisher App Review documentation for more information.

  • Ad Locations: Earn revenue by publishing ads from other developers’ apps in your game. Start making money
  • Advertising Campaigns: Acquire users by advertising your app on the Chartboost network. Get more users
  • Cross Promotion: Advertise your new app in your existing apps at no cost. Start cross-promoting

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