Delegate Methods

Overview πŸ”—

The Chartboost SDK’s delegate methods allow you to exercise greater control over your integration. For example, you can:

  • Log debug messages when your game attempts to load an interstitial.
  • Prevent ads from showing the first time a user plays your game.
  • Determine whether or not a user has clicked an ad or closed it and react accordingly.
  • Prevent an interstitial page from appearing when and where it would interfere with your game.

You can view the Chartboost Android SDK methods in the documentation in the doc folder included with your Android SDK download. You can see many of these methods in use in the sample project included in the package. SDK configuration methods

View Android configuration methods.

Ad Identifier πŸ”—

CBImpressionError objects passed as parameters in delegate method calls include an adID property.

This is a string that uniquely identifies a cached ad. It might help when working with Chartboost to identify faulty creatives.