Chartboost Mediation

Chartboost Mediation by Chartboost 🔗

Chartboost Mediation is Chartboost’s monetization solution powered by bidding.

It is a full-stack programmatic solution with the most transparent and unbiased unified auction technology. Chartboost Mediation allows mobile app developers to earn more ad revenue through increased demand competition for every impression.

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Proven Benefits of Chartboost Mediation 🔗

Increase your CPM and fill rate 🔗

With Chartboost Mediation more demand partners are able to bid in real-time and under a fair environment for each and every one of your impressions which ultimately drives higher eCPMs and fill rates.

Save ad ops time and resources 🔗

Publishers have been able to save time from doing manual waterfall optimizations because, with real-time bidding, everything is automated and optimized for the highest yield behind the scene. You will earn incremental revenue with less time spent on ad network management and communication.

Data and auction transparency 🔗

With real-time bidding you’ll be able to get more transparency and granular level of auction and performance data, all available in one dashboard on Chartboost Mediation. The data is being updated in real-time.

Inventory visibility 🔗

Apart from seeing the performance data on the Chartboost Mediation dashboard, you’ll also be able to download customized reports or connect through the Chartboost Mediation API to use in your internal business intelligence tools. With the bid auction data, you will get better clarity on the market value of your inventory and improve the calculation of your user LTV.

Chartboost Mediation Key Features 🔗

Chartboost diverse demand 🔗

Access Chartboost’s direct programmatic demand plus more than 33+ demand sources.

One-click A/B testing setup 🔗

With only a one-click toggle you’re instantly up and running to test performance between bidding and non-bidding or any other monetization setup you’d like to test.

Data and auction transparency 🔗

Besides a full suite of performance metrics, you’ll get visibility to unique metrics like bid distribution by winning bids and impressions.

Lightweight SDK with fast integration 🔗

The Chartboost Mediation SDK is less than 340 KB in size for both iOS and Android as well as the Unity plug-in, so it’s not a burden on your app.

No hidden fees 🔗

Chartboost Mediation doesn’t have any demand fees for our bidding partners so they can bid unrestricted. The winning bid equals your publisher earnings.

Dedicated support and product team 🔗

You’ll have direct communication channels to an account manager, product team, and support team making sure integration and performance works for you!

Get started on Chartboost Mediation 🔗

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