Mediation Partner Overview

If you’re already using one of our mediation partners, add Chartboost to your waterfall to increase your fill rate and eCPM.

Set Up Ad Locations πŸ”—

Review our Ad Locations documentation to set up Ad Locations if you haven’t already.

Before you start, check your mediation partner below to make sure they support the ad type you want to publish.

Each ad type requires its own Ad Location.

Mediation Partners πŸ”—

Locating your user ID and user signature πŸ”—

  1. Log in to your Chartboost platform
  2. Navigate to Mediation. You will be redirected to the Helium Dashboard (
  3. From the left navigation, go to Resources > API Explorer.
  4. Your user ID and user signature is listed under Authentication

Ad Types πŸ”—

  • Rewarded videos let players earn in-game items or virtual currency in exchange for a completed video view.
  • Video interstitials earn you revenue whenever a player completes a view of a video ad within your game
  • Static interstitials earn you revenue for every ad click or install of the game being promoted.

Learn more about ad types

Android only: Any activities that show Chartboost ads need the value android:hardwareAccelerated="true" in their activity entry on the android manifest. Else, the video might not display properly.