Publisher App Review

Chartboost is dedicated to ensuring the high quality of our supply. Therefore, all publisher apps are required to pass review before running publishing campaigns with Chartboost.

App Review Process 🔗

If you want to monetize your app, then add your app to your Chartboost platform.

  • Make sure that you imported the app and app store URL is present on the Apps Settings page on the Chartboost platform.
  • Please note that Chartboost App ID is unique to your app and using it in more than one application is strictly against our Terms & Conditions.
  • While the app is undergoing review, no ads will be served to the app unless test mode is explicitly turned on.
  • This process applies to both the Monetization and Mediation services of Chartboost. Until the review is completed, Chartboost line items and bidding placements will not be able to monetize.

If you are monetizing your application using a mediation network you need to integrate the Chartboost adapter provided by the mediation network. Once integrated you need to initialize the adapter.

Requirements 🔗

  • The Chartboost SDK must be present in the live version of the application. Always integrate the latest Chartboost SDK.
  • Your applications must be live in the official App Store.
  • Each individual app requires a minimum of 250 Daily Active Users (DAU) constantly for 7-14 days in order to join the Chartboost publishing network. The metric for DAU is “Uniques” on the Chartboost dashboard under Monetization > Analytics.

Review Turnaround Time 🔗

All live apps with the Chartboost SDK integrated will automatically be submitted for publishing review. Please allow up to 3 business days for the review process. Your Apps Management page will display the review status and you’ll be notified via email when your app is approved or rejected.

If you don’t hear back from us within a week, you can contact us via

Once your app has been approved, you can start creating Ad Locations and campaigns!

Reasons For Rejections 🔗

There are many reasons why your app might get rejected for publishing and some of them can be fixed!

Common reasons for rejection:

  • There is an issue with your SDK integration.
    • The SDK is incorrectly integrated
    • The wrong App ID is provided
    • The app did not meet the minimum SDK version requirements
    • The Chartboost adapter cannot be detected in your mediation
  • Your app is not available for download (for example wrong Bundle ID/Store URL, error while downloading). In order for us to test your app for publishing, we must be able to download and install it on our test device. In the case of Google Play and Amazon apps, we can only download them if they are available in the US or the Netherlands. Please provide the correct app store URL or send us your APK (for Google Play and Amazon apps outside of the US and the Netherlands), so we can install your app on our test device.
  • There is an issue with Chartboost publisher quality standards (for example the app crashes, the app cannot be opened or your ad placements are too frequent).
  • Your app is against our Terms & Conditions.

If your app has been rejected for one of the first three reasons, you have 14 days to fix the issue and contact us to request another review. Alternatively, you can send an email to

If you are using Mediation and your app gets rejected 🔗

There are three main reasons why we might have been unable to detect the Chartboost Adapter initializing in your app:

  1. The Chartboost Adapter is not initializing during the bootup. If you are using a mediation SDK which does not initialize the Chartboost Adapter during the bootup of your application we recommend you temporarily put Chartboost on the top of your waterfall. If you do not wish to put Chartboost on the top of your waterfall globally, you can limit it to the Netherlands only. After doing this, let us know as soon as possible so we can do the necessary checks and you can reverse the changes afterward to the desired ones. If you are uncertain how to make these changes or would like additional options, please follow up with us via and mention your mediation platform.
  2. There is an issue with the integration of the Chartboost Adapter. Review your mediation partner integration documentation. If you can’t find anything wrong feel free to contact us at any time.
  3. The Chartboost adapter is not yet integrated with the live version of your application. Developers are advised to publish a version with the Chartboost adapter in the App Store. Otherwise, your application can’t be approved.

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