Error Codes

iOS SDK Errors 🔗

Error Description
InternetUnavailable Multiple possible causes. Send your logs (with breakpoint where error occurs) to our support team for assistance.
InternetUnavailable Fires when there is no internet connection on the test device. Troubleshoot possible device network connection issues.
NetworkFailure Fires when a network request fails for any reason. Check your network settings and make sure your device is connected to the internet. If you still experience this error, please send Charles Web Proxy logs of the event to our support team.
NoAdFound Fires when our ad server hasn’t found an appropriate ad to deliver to the device. This could be due to location, campaign filters, fill rate, or other factors. Try troubleshooting here ▶
SessionNotStarted A valid Chartboost session has not been detected. Check that your app ID and app signature are correct and that you have properly initialized Chartboost with [Chartboost startWithAppId:appSignature:completion:]
AssetDownloadFailure Fires when the download of one of the assets required by an ad fails while caching the ad.
PublisherDisabled Fires when your account has been disabled by Chartboost. Contact our support team if you think this is due to some mistake.
AdAlreadyVisible Fires if you try to show two full-screen ads at the same time.
PresentationFailure Fires if the ad presentation fails.
NoCachedAd Fires if you try to show a non-cached interstitial or rewarded ad.

Misc. Errors 🔗

Error Description
NSLog(@”n n Chartboost Integration Warning: your account has been set to advertiser only. %s has been disabled. Please contact support if you expect this call to function. n n n”, function); You are attempting to call for an ad, but either you have not started a publishing campaign, or your publishing campaign has not gone live yet. Publishing campaigns may take up to an hour to go live after being created.
“You have no SDK integrated apps on this platform” You are attempting to cross-promote with only 1 app on your platform. You cannot cross-promote in same app; add another app to the platform.