List Management

Blocking Categories 🔗

Control the type of ads displayed for specific apps by blocking specific categories. By default, all apps will use the standard list which follows the Chartboost policy on prohibited categories. The current taxonomy of the IAB category list is 1.0.

Create your custom lists and apply them in the app’s monetization settings.

  1. From your Chartboost platform, click on the upper left icon. Then select List management under MORE.
  2. Create your custom list by clicking the +Create new list button.
    • Provide a List name and select the categories to block
    • Please note that 26 categories cannot be removed in adherence to Chartboost’s Terms & Conditions.
  3. To edit or delete a custom list, identify the list then click on the three-dot icon to the right.
    • Deleting a custom list will revert any apps using the list to the Default Categories List (Taxonomy 1.0).
    • The default list cannot be modified.

List Management API 🔗

Refer to the List Management API documentation.