DT FairBid

Integrating DT FairBid SDK 🔗

Follow DT FairBid’s SDK integration guide using Chartboost

  • Supported ad types: Interstitials and Rewarded videos.
  • Chartboost will not be able to show ads if DT FairBid’s Hybrid Interstitial Controls are set to Video Only!
  • Ad Locations do not work with the DT FairBid SDK. All static & video interstitial requests coming from the DT FairBid SDK will use named location DT FairBid_interstitial and all rewarded video requests will use named location DT FairBid_rewarded_video.

How to top-rank Chartboost in DT FairBid 🔗

  1. Log into your DT FairBid dashboard.
  2. Select the appropriate app from your list.
  3. Select the Placements tab.
  4. Expand the appropriate placement section and insert an eCPM value by changing the eCPM to Manual eCPM to force Chartboost first in the waterfall.
  5. Select the configuration wheel icon and navigate to the Ad Network Instances.
  6. Drag and drop Chartboost to the top of the waterfall in your MANUAL PRIORITIZATION.
  7. Repeat these steps for all your ad units.