Monetization Settings

Optimize your publishing app to control what ads appear in your games!

  1. From your Chartboost platform, navigate to Monetization > Apps.
  2. Identify the app you want to edit. Click on the three-dot icon and select Edit Monetization Settings.
    • If there are no apps listed, then you will need to set up a new ad location.
  3. From here, you can make the following changes. Be sure to click Save Settings when you’re done.

Blocking πŸ”—

Blocking Specific Categories πŸ”—

You can control what type of ads are displayed in a specified app by blocking specific categories. By default, all apps will use the standard list which follows the Chartboost policy on prohibited categories. The current taxonomy of the IAB category list is 1.0.

To create or edit categories list, use the list management tool, then apply them here.

Changing categories lists will take up to 30 minutes to apply.

Blocking Specific Apps πŸ”—

You can prevent specific advertising apps from showing ads in your publishing apps by adding their store ID (iOS, Amazon) or bundle ID (Android).

  • For iOS, use the iTunes ID (example: 123456789)
  • For Android, use the Bundle ID of the app (example:
  • For Amazon, use the ASIN (example: B00000123A)

If you have a longer list of apps to block, upload a CSV file of multiple store/bundle IDs. You can upload up to 1000 values and choose to Add Apps to List or Replace Existing List. Download the sample file provided for formatting examples.

Replacing the existing app list will overwrite all apps you are currently blocking within the Block Apps by Store ID section.

If you don’t want to lose the existing blocks, we recommend to:

  1. Download the CSV of your currently blocked apps from the provided Download Current List link.
  2. Update the file with additional information.
  3. Then upload it again with the Replace Existing List option.

Block by Age Rating πŸ”—

Enable Block 17+ apps to prevent adult-oriented apps from showing ads in your apps.

If you’ve indicated your app is directed towards an audience of 13 and below, blocking 17+ is applied by default and can’t be changed.

Targeting πŸ”—

Enable Target by OS and/or Target by Device Type to show ads only on the specified OS ranges and/or device types.

  • Target by OS: Set a specific min or max range of OS versions, or select No Min/No Max to include all devices from or to a specific OS version.
  • Target by Device Type: Set specific devices and/or models to include or exclude.

Interstitial Video Experience πŸ”—

Max ad duration: Adjust the maximum duration for interstitial video ads to play. Note that users are able to skip the video after 5 seconds, but longer video durations will generally increase the fill rate and bring higher CPMs.

Rewarded Video Experience πŸ”—

Max ad duration: Adjust the maximum duration for rewarded video ads to play. Longer video durations will generally increase the fill rate and bring higher CPMs.

Allow users to skip ads: Set an interval after which a button is displayed to allow users to leave the ad experience.

Button type: Select the button appearance that you want to show up in your ads to skip ads.

Ads Audio Experience πŸ”—

Control whether or not ads with sound should be muted by default.

  • Disabled will allow sound to automatically play.
  • Enabled will mute sound until user turns it on.

FAQ πŸ”—