Chartboost Videos

Boost your game with engaging, high-quality video ads!

The Chartboost SDK offers rich media support, custom advertiser experiences, and refreshed end cards to make your videos feel less like ads and more like crafted recommendations. Give your players the best in-game experience to enhance your ad performance and drive higher eCPM.

Chartboost offers two types of video ads:

  • Rewarded video lets players earn in-game items or virtual currency in exchange for a completed video view.

  • Interstitial video earns you revenue or helps you acquire users similarly to static creatives.

Before You Begin πŸ”—

Prefetched videos (in total) only take up 30-50MB, even when you are using mediation. Video prefetch might download videos from campaigns that hit budget, in which case a β€œNo Ad Found” error might occur.

Rewarded Video Integration πŸ”—

These instructions apply to games on both the Amazon and Android platforms. Amazon integration uses the same SDK as Android.

We recommend that you attempt to cache the video ad and verify that content exists before making the show call:

  • if (rewarded.isCached()){ } else { // We don't have a cached video right now, but try to get one for next time 
        rewarded.cache() }
  • if (rewarded.isCached()){;
    } else {
        // We don't have a cached video right now, but try to get one for next time

The maximum number of rewarded video impressions that a user can receive per day, per publishing app is 20.

To see when a reward is ready to be delivered, use the following delegate method:

  • override fun onRewardEarned(rewardEvent: RewardEvent)
  • public void onRewardEarned(RewardEvent rewardEvent)