Advertising Campaign

Acquire users by advertising your app on the Chartboost network.

Before You Begin… 🔗

Start A New Campaign 🔗

  1. From your navigation, go to Advertising > Campaigns.
  2. Click + Create New Campaign at the top right.
  3. Select an app to be promoted in the campaign.
  4. Give it a Campaign Name that helps you quickly identify the campaign.
  5. Click Next Step.
  6. Add a new target to customize your campaign further. Set Geos, daily budgets, billing type, goal type, bundle IDs, and creatives. Click Save Target once you’ve finished customizing this target.
  7. Add any additional targets or click Next Step to continue.
  8. Set any Advanced Settings as desired by selecting a Minimum OS and inputting bundle ID(s) to block those specific apps.
  9. Click Next Step.
  10. Review your new campaign setup. If everything looks good, click Next Step to complete your campaign creation.

Your campaign will automatically be submitted for approval. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the review process. An email will be sent to the primary account’s email address when your campaign has been approved or rejected. Reasons for rejection will be included in the email. Otherwise, check back on your campaigns page to see the status of your campaign.

Optimize Your Campaign With Targeting 🔗

Adding targets to your campaign can help reach the right users and get the most out of your budget.

By default, your target will include all countries, all device types, all players, etc. Customize your target towards specific players, countries, apps, and more. Learn more about campaign targeting

Bid & Budgets 🔗

Daily budgets under $500 are often exhausted very quickly or even exceeded. You will receive email notifications when your campaigns are close to reaching their daily limits. You can edit campaigns from these emails.

Your advertising campaigns’ minimum budget will vary on the bid type:

  • CPI campaigns have a minimum daily budget of $100.
  • CPM campaigns have a minimum daily budget of $250.

Review our Advertising FAQs to learn how to avoid going over budget, how much you should bid for clicks and installs, and more information on bid types.

Analyze Your Data To Keep Growing 🔗

Use the Chartboost API to view your analytics, update campaign bids, and do more from your Chartboost platform.

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