AppsFlyer - Audience List Integration

Chartboost supports automated ingestion of daily suppression lists from AppsFlyer to improve your campaign’s targeting and return on investment (ROI). To get started, complete the one-time setup listed below.

1. Set up audience connection 🔗

Obtain the API key from Chartboost 🔗

  1. On your Chartboost platform, navigate to your user icon on the top right, then click on Company info & settings.
  2. Navigate to Access Management.
  3. Copy the AppsFlyer MMP API Key.

Set up the audience connection between AppsFlyer and Chartboost 🔗

On your AppsFlyer account, follow AppsFlyer’s guide on creating a new connection. In the API Key field, input the AppsFlyer MMP API Key you obtained from your Chartboost platform account.

2. Create a suppression audience on AppsFlyer 🔗

Follow and complete AppsFlyer’s setup guide to create a suggested audience.

  • Select suppression lists as the suggested audience.
  • Make sure the app you select is also added to your Chartboost platform.
  • You will need the audience name and app name to complete the setup.

3. Connect the suppression audience list with Chartboost 🔗

Follow and complete AppsFlyer’s setup guide to connect an audience to media partners. Make sure you select Chartboost as the partner connection.

4. Notify your Chartboost account manager 🔗

Once you’ve completed the setup in your AppsFlyer account, contact your Chartboost account manager and provide the following information:

  • The audience name.
  • The Chartboost app ID and app name to which the suppression list is applied.

Your account manager will complete and verify the connection.

Data sent from AppsFlyer to Chartboost will refresh every 24 hours.