MRAID Playable

Before You Begin πŸ”—

Introduction to MRAID πŸ”—

What is an MRAID playable?

MRAID stands for Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions and is a standard set for mobile-rich media ads to be run on mobile apps by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). An MRAID playable consists of API commands which are designed to adjust the ad according to the mobile operating system and app environments it’s being displayed in. A playable ad is a mini-game as an ad within a game, often also called micro-games. A playable ad is often used to give the user a preview of the game before installing it.

How do I create an MRAID playable ad?

There are many third-party vendors in the market who focus only on creating playable ads. Chartboost supports any playable ads which follow the technical specifications mentioned below. For more information on common practices, consult IAB MRAID Best Practices Document.

How do I get started with serving MRAID playable ads on Chartboost?

Our MRAID playable ad uploader is available on the Chartboost platform to selected advertisers. If you’re interested in getting access, please reach out to your account manager or to our support team.

MRAID Requirements πŸ”—

Make sure to consult IAB MRAID Best Practices Document for the most common mistakes, MRAID creative requirements, and debugging tips.

How do I get started with serving MRAID playable ads on Chartboost?

Making MRAID playable requires the following compliance:

  • One single bundled standalone HTML file
  • Maximum size 3MB
  • The MRAID library will be available in the playable during ad playback
  • Check mraid.getState() at the start of the playable because it could already be DEFAULT
  • The ready event will be triggered if the state was LOADING at first
  • needs to be called when the user clicks on a CTA
  • The close button will be added by our system, therefore there is no use to call mraid.close() within your playable

MRAID Supported Standards v2.0 πŸ”—

Tracked Events Supported
Ready Yes
error Yes
sizeChange Yes
stateChange Yes
viewableChange Yes

MRAID Non-Supported Standards v2.0 πŸ”—

MRAID Playables using the below methods will not work on the Chartboost network (at this time). Please make sure your Playable does not include any of them.

Methods Supported
useCustomClose No
expand No
setExpandProperties No
getExpandProperties No
isCustomClose No
resize No
setResizeProperties No
getResizeProperties No

Playable or Interactive End Cards πŸ”—

A playable or interactive end card is a creative asset that is shown after the video ends (or is skipped). Such end cards are typically more engaging compared to static image end cards.

Chartboost DSP now supports running playable end cards after the video creative ends (or is skipped). Please reach out to your Chartboost account manager if you would like to use playable end cards in your advertising efforts.

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