Callback Policies

The following applies to all types of callbacks:

  • Your Server: You’ll need a server that’s ready to support real-time events.
  • Downtime / Timeouts: We make three attempts to deliver callbacks to your server. If all attempts fail, your endpoint will be blacklisted for 15 minutes. During blacklistings, the callbacks will not be sent or attempted until the full time has elapsed.
  • Response Codes: Our service deems a request successful if your server responds 200-302.
  • Redirects: Callbacks can be a redirect URL, but cannot have any store (App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, etc.) as a final destination. They must also be valid URLs. (For the best reliability, do not use redirects.)
  • SSL: The endpoint must support SSL.
  • URL Encoding: All data is URL-encoded before being sent.