Audience List Integration

Chartboost supports ingesting audience suppression lists from 3 major mobile measurement partners (MMPs): Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Singular. Suppression lists include the device IDs where the advertiser’s app is installed. These lists are typically used to exclude these device IDs from being targeted and help advertising campaigns avoid wasteful spending.

Contact your account manager for all other audience needs and non-supported MMP integration.

Bootups vs Suppression Lists 🔗

Devices on which the advertiser app is already installed can be excluded from that app’s advertiser campaigns by Chartboost through the data received through (1) MMP attributed/unattributed Bootup Postbacks and (2) Suppression Lists.

We highly recommend advertisers configure both methods to send us data about their installed base.

1. Attributed/Unattributed Bootup/Session Postbacks

  • Configuring these postbacks will allow Chartboost to know when a new device has installed your app and exclude them from campaign targeting in almost real-time.
  • With the bootup/session data, our machine-learning models will improve the understanding of users who retain and engage with your app for longer periods. This retention propensity can be accounted for when targeting similar devices through advertising campaigns.

2. Suppression Lists

  • Suppression lists are daily file dumps of device IDs sent from MMPs. Chartboost ingests the file and excludes the device IDs from being targeted in the advertising campaign.
  • This suppression method allows Chartboost to exclude targeting devices that haven’t been active on the app recently.

Configuring audience suppression lists 🔗

Choose your partner service for more instructions: