Singular - Audience List Integration

Chartboost supports automated ingestion of daily suppression lists from Singular to improve your campaign’s targeting and return on investment (ROI). For more information, review Singular’s Audiences FAQ or contact your Singular account manager.

To get started, complete the one-time setup listed below.

1. Create a suppression audience on Singular and connect with Chartboost 🔗

  1. Ensure the app you want the suppression audience to apply is added to your Chartboost and Singular account.
  2. Contact your Singular account manager to set up a suppression audience list for the app.

2. Notify your Chartboost account manager 🔗

Once you’ve completed the setup with Singular, contact your Chartboost account manager and provide the Chartboost app ID and app name to which the suppression list is applied.

Your account manager will complete and verify the connection.

Data sent from Singular to Chartboost will refresh every 24 hours.