Adjust - S2S Tracking

To activate Adjust install attribution & bootup postbacks, add your app’s Chartboost app ID and app signature to your Adjust dashboard under Partner Setup > Chartboost.

Then request S2S tracking from the Chartboost dashboard.

Set the following:

  • Revenue Forwarding to ON.
  • Attributed Only to OFF.
  • Parameter Forwarding to OFF, unless you are mapping the Event Label value from the Adjust SDK.
  • Session Forwarding to ON. This allows us to send bootups.
  • Probabilistic Attribution to ON if your app is using probabilistic matching/SKAN.

View Through Attribution (VTA) 🔗

View-through attribution (VTA) allows you to register installs that are seen when a user installs your app within a short timeframe after watching a video ad, even if the user did not click on the ad.

  • Capture the true reach of your UA campaigns versus traditional last-click methods.
  • More installs mean a higher eCPM, which can help your campaigns become more competitive within the Chartboost network.

We recommend setting impression-based attribution with both device matching and probabilistic matching.

Device matching is automatically always set to ON for Adjust.

To enable device matching and probabilistic modeling in your Adjust impression-based attribution:

  1. Find your app and select the app options caret (^).
  2. Select All Settings > Attribution > Impression Based Device Matching or Impression Based probabilistic modeling.
  3. Turn on Device matching for impressions and probabilistic modeling for impressions.
  4. We recommend setting an attribution window of 24 hours for device matching and probabilistic modeling.
  5. Select SAVE.

Refer to Adjust’s App-level attribution settings instructions for further details.

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