Developers are responsible for evaluating their app(s) to determine if they are directed to children under 13 (each a “Child-Directed App”). Apps included in Google’s Designed for Families program, the Family section of Google Play, or the Kids Category of the Apple App Store should be treated as Child-Directed Apps unless the Developer has implemented an age gate for such an app. For any Child-Directed App, the developer shall set the proper settings to enable only contextual advertising.

Apps directed towards children DO NEED to opt out of behavioral targeting by specifying their app is COPPA during the app creation process unless an age gate has been implemented.

How do I opt out of behavioral targeting? 🔗

When creating an app on the Chartboost dashboard, you must select whether your app is directed at Children under 13 or not. If you choose yes, your app will opt out of behavioral targeting and only serve contextual ads.

What happens when I specify my app as a COPPA app? 🔗

  • Your users are only shown contextually targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Device identifiers are anonymized in external APIs (e.g. Export Installs).

Can I change my COPPA setting once it is set? 🔗

Yes, you are free to change your settings in the future.

Can I opt out of behavioral targeting as a network advertiser? 🔗

No, the opt-out only applies to network publishers.

Why are there devices marked “NON-TRACKABLE” in my advertising reports? 🔗

The publishing app of that click or install is a COPPA app.

What happens when I have a COPPA app in cross-promotion campaigns? 🔗

Cross-promotion campaigns are restricted to promoting only apps with equivalent opt-out settings, else nothing will be served.

For example, COPPA apps may only cross-promote other COPPA apps. Similarly, apps that have not opted out of behavioral targeting may only cross-promote apps that have not opted out.

  • COPPA apps may only cross-promote other COPPA apps.
  • COPPA apps may only be promoted by other COPPA apps.