Publisher App Review

What if my app is not live in the App Store yet? 🔗

If your app is not yet live in the official App Stores, your app will not be enabled for publishing. However, you can still test the Chartboost SDK and prepare for the Publisher App Review.

  1. Add an app in the Chartboost platform
  2. Do not insert bundle ID or App Store URL
  3. Enable Test Mode
  4. Save the app
  5. Integrate the Chartboost SDK
  6. Check Chartboost SDK integration with Chartboost Test Mode
  7. Test your integration with test ads for as long as you require
  8. Wait for the green SDK light to turn on in your Chartboost platform’s Apps Management
  9. Do not request Publishing Permissions at this time yet (your app will be rejected because of the missing Store URL)
  10. Once your application is available in the official App Stores, import your application to the Chartboost platform
  11. Your app will then be automatically submitted for review.

Please note that until your app is enabled for publishing, you will not be able to select it in the Select app(s) section of your publishing campaign.

I’ve previously added my apps to the Chartboost platform, do they still need to go through the Publisher App Review? 🔗

If you’ve previously added an app, but don’t have any active publishing campaigns, you will need to submit your app for review. Please follow the steps as outlined above under Enable publishing on your app.