How can I make sure different demand sources are bidding in my ads inventory? πŸ”—

  • You need to follow through with both the SDK integration and dashboard configuration in order to make different demand sources bid in your ads inventory.
  • You must ensure the right app and placement credentials are used in SDK and dashboard settings. Check that demand sources are active both at the app setting and placement setting in your dashboard.

Why is the demand sources bid rate low as shown in dashboard analytics? πŸ”—

Have you set up your eCPM floor too high? A high eCPM floor would result in a lower bid rate and eventually lower fill rate.

Can I set up an eCPM floor in Mediation? πŸ”—

Yes. You can set up the eCPM floor in your ad placement setting. You can either set up a global eCPM floor or different floors for specific countries. The eCPM floor setting establishes the minimum eCPM that Mediation needs to serve ads at.

However, keep in mind that setting a higher eCPM floor will largely increase the risk of lowering the fill rate.

If I change some settings in Mediation dashboard, how long will it take for the changes to be effective? πŸ”—

It will approximately take up to an hour for the changes to be effective.