For what types of events does Chartboost offer callbacks? 🔗

Chartboost offers callbacks on clicks, converted installs, and completed views; this can include clicks on interstitials in your app or clicks on ads for your game through network advertising. Install events are supported only on custom template callbacks with a custom base URL. All callbacks created through one of our pre-defined templates or using a base URL of one of our MMP partners can be attached to click and completed view events only.

When is the callback sent? 🔗

Callbacks are sent almost immediately after the event. All data is URL-encoded before being sent.

What data is not sent in a callback? 🔗

  • Raw MAC addresses
  • Demographic data

Why are there callback data discrepancies between Chartboost & my system? 🔗

As your callbacks setup starts reporting data to your server or third-party service, you may notice discrepancies between the figures in our dashboard and those in your system. We’re happy to help investigate discrepancies, but before you reach out, have a look at some of the common causes:

  • Callback Setup Problems: Verify that your callback includes the parameters and static variables required by your server or tracking service and that it’s attached at the right level (account, app, or campaign). If you leave the required parameters out, you may see lower figures via your service relative to the Chartboost dashboard.
  • Time Zone Differences: Our system uses PST/PDT (UTC - 8 hours), so you may see discrepancies if your service reports from a different time zone. (Consider adding the Timestamp parameter to your callbacks to know the event’s exact time, as opposed to when the callback reached your system.)
  • De-duping of Installs/Last-Click Attribution: Because tracking services sometimes de-duplicate installs after identifying the service that last reported them, converted installs (Installs Received/Installs Delivered) in the Chartboost dashboard can be higher than elsewhere. We log a conversion if a user clicks on an ad and boots up the promoted game within 21 days of the click.
  • Different Attribution Windows: As mentioned above, we’ll attribute an install if a player boots up a promoted game within 21 days of clicking its ad. Other services may have different windows (and also may let you specify an attribution window), so keep that in mind as you troubleshoot.
  • Prior Chartboost SDK integration: If your app was SDK-integrated and being promoted by a Chartboost advertising campaign before you requested conversion to S2S Tracking, you may be billed for those SDK-driven installs up to 21 days after conversion is complete. These installs are from clicks that occur before the S2S approval.
  • Chartboost Reporting Delays: Installs, clicks, etc. can take up to 2-3 hours to be reflected in the Chartboost dashboard, but callbacks are usually sent immediately. If you’re seeing higher figures via your service, it’s possible that our analytics system is still catching up.
  • Non-trackable Devices: If you’ve opted your game out of behavioral targeting but have a callback reporting on events there, we’ll send device identifiers as NON-TRACKABLE. Mobile App Tracking counts multiple NON-TRACKABLE callbacks as a single event; if 100 callbacks were sent and 50 of them included NON-TRACKABLE identifiers, for example, Mobile App Tracking would report 51 events, not 100.