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Ad Formats Supported

  • Banner
  • Rewarded Video
  • Interstitial

Set up AppLovin apps and ad placements πŸ”—

Create an AppLovin account πŸ”—

  1. Create an account with Applovin.
  2. Once your account is verified, log in to Applovin’s dashboard.

Add an app and ad unit to your AppLovin dashboard πŸ”—

App(s) and ad unit(s) must be set up on your AppLovin account before connecting the partner to Chartboost Mediation. AppLovin strongly recommends that you use a single ad unit ID for each format within an app. This ensures an ad is always cached and avoids unnecessary app/user bandwidth usage.

  1. Navigate to Max > Mediation > Manage > Ad Units.
  2. Click +Create Ad Unit.
  3. Give the ad unit a Name.
  4. Select the Platform and connect the app by entering the application name, package name, bundle ID, or numerical iTunes ID.
  5. Select the Ad Type.
  6. Skip the waterfall section and click Save.

Create an AppLovin ad placement πŸ”—

  1. In your Applovin’s dashboard, navigate to AppDiscovery > Zones.
  2. Click +Create Zone.
  3. Set up your zone details and click Save.
  4. You will need the Zone and Zone ID displayed on the Zones table.

Retrieve your AppLovin credentials πŸ”—

There are 2 pieces of data from your AppLovin account that are required to connect with Chartboost Mediation:

  • To find the SDK Key, go to Account > Keys.
  • To find the Report Key, go to Account > Keys.

Connect AppLovin waterfall to Chartboost Mediation πŸ”—

  1. Log in to your Chartboost platform.
  2. Navigate to Mediation > Networks.
  3. Under Mediation Networks, select AppLovin from the Select network dropdown.
  4. Enter the SDK Key and Report Key from your AppLovin account.
  5. Enter com.applovin:applovin-sdk:+ as the Package Name.
  6. Click the + button next to the AppLovin button.

Add AppLovin waterfall placement to Chartboost Mediation πŸ”—

  1. In your Chartboost platform, navigate to Mediation > Placements.
  2. Select the app from the top-right dropdown.
  3. Below your metrics graph, click New Placement.
  4. Select an Ad Format.
  5. Set an Ad Placement Name.
  6. Under Waterfall > Ad Groups, click Add.
  7. Select from the existing or Create a new Ad Group.
  8. Set a Name and Country List.
  9. Click Add New Line Item.
  10. Select AppLovin as the Network.
  11. Add the AppLovin Zone to the Name field.
  12. Add the AppLovin Zone ID to the Partner Placement Name.
  13. Set a CPM.
  14. Make sure Add to Ad Group is selected.
  15. Click Create New.
  16. A new line item will be added. Make sure the line item’s Add to Ad Group checkbox is selected and click +Add Selected Items on the bottom right.

Integrate the AppLovin adapter πŸ”—

Refer to our Chartboost Mediation Adapter Integration Manager for the latest supported adapter version and integration instructions.