Use Proguard

For Mediation SDK 3.1.0+ and 4.0.0+ πŸ”—

  • The usage of Proguard is no longer required for the Mediation SDK and its adapters. However, partner network SDKs may still require Proguard. Refer to their respective SDK documentation as to whether you need to amend Proguard rules to your application. Chartboost will no longer provide additional documentation on using Proguard.
# Chartboost Mediation SDK
-keep class com.chartboost.heliumsdk.** { *; }

# Chartboost Mediation Adapters
-keep class com.chartboost.mediation.** { *; }

# Keep kotlinx.serialization annotations
-keepattributes *Annotation*

# Keep the names of kotlinx.serialization classes
-keep,includedescriptorclasses class kotlinx.serialization.** {

# Keep the names of classes with @Serializable annotation
-keep,includedescriptorclasses @kotlinx.serialization.Serializable class * {

# Keep kotlinx.serialization internal implementation classes
-keepclassmembers class kotlinx.serialization.internal.** {

Prior to Mediation SDK 3.1.0 πŸ”—

  • If using Proguard, add the following to your file:
-keep class com.chartboost.** { *; }