Get Started with Unity

Before You Begin πŸ”—

GitHub Repository πŸ”—

Our Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK is open source and available on GitHub.

Minimum Supported Development Tools πŸ”—

Software Version
Xcode 14.1
Android Studio 2020.3.1+
iOS 11.0+
Minimum Android API Level 5.0+ (API level 21)
Targeted Android API Level 13.0+ (API level 31)
Minimum Unity Version 2020.3.37 (2020 LTS)
Gradle 7.6
Kotlin 1.7.20
Swift 5.0+

Integrate Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK πŸ”—

Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK is distributed using the public npm registry as such it is compatible with the Unity Package Manager (UPM). In order to add the Chartboost Mediation Unity SDK to your project, just add the following to your Unity Project’s manifest.json file. The scoped registry section is required in order to fetch packages from the NpmJS registry.

  "dependencies": {
    "com.chartboost.mediation": "4.7.0",
  "scopedRegistries": [
      "name": "NpmJS",
      "url": "",
      "scopes": [

Add Your Mediation App ID and App Signature πŸ”—

  1. Go to Chartboost Mediation > Edit Settings
  2. Add your Mediation App ID and Mediation App Signature

Make sure that these are the Mediation AppId and AppSignature values that you obtain directly from your Mediation Dashboard for your app as opposed to credentials from Chartboost or any other Ad Network.

Last modified November 27, 2023