Placement Types

Chartboost supports fullscreen display interstitials (HTML5/MRAID ads: static, animated, user-interactive/playable ads), fullscreen video interstitials (VAST only), fullscreen rewarded videos & playables (VAST ads or MRAID user-interactive/playable ads), and banner placements (HTML5/MRAID creatives of size 320x50, 728x90, or 300x250). Bid requests contain all information needed to identify the supported creative formats, api versions, and protocol versions for a given ad request. Placement type is indicated by the extension fields banner.ext.placementtype and video.ext.placementtype.

  • Interstitial placement requests will generally include both imp.banner and objects in the bid request, which means either creative format can be returned in the bid response.

  • Rewarded placement requests, by default, will not include imp.banner object, as this is enabled only if you have Playable (User-Interactive) creatives. If you plan to bid with Playable ads, see Creative Type: Playables for details on additional requirements.

  • Banner placement requests will only include a imp.banner object, and can be identified explicitly via the imp.banner.ext.placementtype:"banner" field.