Mediation Overview

Introduction đź”—

Mediation allows all demand sources to bid CPM prices in real time and compete for available impression opportunities on participating publishers’ mobile apps. The integration process consists of an SDK and a server-side integration. Mediation’s server side technology uses the OpenRTB 2.5 specification to conduct its first-price auctions. The demand partner’s SDK is fully integrated within the ecosystem and is allowed to function as it normally would without any modifications.

SDK Instructions đź”—

Publishers participating in Mediation need to integrate the Mediation’s SDK and the participating ad networks’ SDKs. The Mediation’s SDK team will work with each ad network to develop SDK adapters.

When a winning bid is selected in the real-time auction, Mediation SDK will communicate to the winning ad network’s SDK via the custom adapter. The ad network’s SDK will then render the winning ads in a publisher’s mobile app.