SKOverlay Support

  • Chartboost supports SKOverlay starting from iOS SDK 9.1 and above, and is eligible to be used with full-screen VAST ads on iOS14+.
  • Important: Displaying the SKOverlay generates a SKAN fidelity:1 engagement event for SKAN attribution, but clicks on the SKOverlay itself cannot be detected by the SDK, since Apple does not provide any click callback or event emissions. This means ClickThrough, ClickTracking, CompanionClickThrough, and CompanionClickTracking are not fired when SKOverlay is shown nor when the user clicks on the SKOverlay.

BidRequest.imp[].ext.skadn.ext.skoverlay (Attribute) πŸ”—

Chartboost will signal whether an impression is eligible for SKOverlay or not by passing a custom skoverlay field in the imp[].ext.skadn.ext object. For eligible requests the skoverlay field will denote a 1. The skoverlay field will be omitted if not an eligible bid request.

Field Type Description Example
skoverlay Integer Indicates whether SKOverlay is supported. Value is 1 if eligible, otherwise omitted from the bid request. 1


  "ext": {
    "skoverlay": 1
} (Object) πŸ”—

For creatives using SKOverlay, Chartboost requires at minimum the field within the bid response. Any omitted fields besides show within the skoverlay object will use default values.

Field Type Required Description Example
show Integer Required Indicates whether to show SKOverlay, where 1 = yes. 1
delay Integer Optional Time in seconds to delay before showing the SKOverlay, where 0 means immediate. Default value is 5 and maximum is 60. 5
autoclose Integer Optional Time in seconds before automatically dismissing SKOverlay, where 0 = SKOverlay is not automatically dismissed. Default value is 0 and maximum is 60. 0
dismissible Integer Optional Indicates whether the SKOverlay can be dismissed by the user, where 0 = no and 1 = yes. Default value is 1. 1
pos Integer Optional Position of SKOverlay, where 0 = bottom and 1 = bottomRaised. Default value is 1. 1


  "skoverlay": {
    "show": 1,
    "delay": 5,
    "autoclose": 0,
    "dismissible": 1,
    "pos": 1

Display and Behavior πŸ”—

Display Conditions πŸ”—

  • SKOverlay can be displayed over the video ad and end card.
  • SKOverlay is visible upon showing the ad if it’s supported in the ad response.

Dismissal and Reappearance πŸ”—

  • If the user dismisses the SKOverlay and then clicks on the video, the user will be redirected to the App Store, firing the MMP click.
  • autoclose can be used to automatically close the SKOverlay after a specified number of seconds.
  • Upon dismissal by the user, the SKOverlay will not reappear if clicked again. Instead, the StoreKit will be displayed.