Network Information

Location: Chartboost Exchange servers are located in Google Cloud Platform US-EAST4-A (Virginia). No other endpoint locations are available. The response timeout threshold (tmax) is 400ms. We highly recommend that the DSP’s endpoint be located in a data center near US-EAST.

Global Daily QPS: 200K (max), 150K (average) in aggregate of all geos & placement types, before smart-throttling is enabled.

gzip Support: Our bid requests include an Accept-Encoding: gzip header to indicate support for gzipped bid responses; if you gzip compress your responses, be sure to include the Content-Encoding: gzip header in your bid responses.

Content-Length: 20MB max on bid response request byte size (recommended: <6MB).

Bid Response for No Ad πŸ”—

Bidders should send a 204 No Content response for the case when no bid is made.