Integration & Testing

After reviewing your answers to our technical questionnaire, we’ll schedule a kickoff call with you to discuss the project timeline and go over any technical questions. A typical integration will take about two weeks. Please be sure to review this documentation carefully ahead of time so engineering work if any can be completed first, and to avoid unexpected delays during the integration. Chartboost will work with your technical team on the following integration steps:

  • Bid requests and bid responses are received successfully and contain all required fields, without timeouts, errors, etc..
  • Ads returned in bid responses (display/playable/video) render properly in our publishing SDK. We will perform this end-to-end testing before we enable network publisher traffic, so if you have the ability to whitelist (always bid) on a specific bundle or device identifier, please make sure to let us know as it will expedite the integration testing significantly.
  • Enable low volume production traffic test (~500 QPS) for 2 days to check for discrepancies in impressions and spend. Ramp up to full QPS and do a final check for discrepancies again after 2 days.