Manage Placements

Basic Settings 🔗

  1. Click New Placement + to create a new Helium placement
  2. Select Ad Placement Type (Interstitial or Rewarded)
  3. Fill in the Ad Placement Name.
    • Choose from the pre-defined placement names in the dropdown menu or fill in a custom placement name.
    • Maximum of 50 characters. Only numbers, letters, and hyphens are allowed.
    • Ad Placement Name will be used in Helium SDK integration.

Advanced Settings 🔗

Creative Types 🔗

  • All creative types are allowed by default. It allows static, video and interactive ads for interstitial placement. It allows video and interactive ads for rewarded placement.
  • Allowing all creative types will help maximize your earnings.
  • However, if you do have a strong preference on not allowing certain creative types, you can disable Allowed All Creative Types and select the creative types you want to allow.

A/B Test 🔗

  • This is for enabling A/B test for this Helium placement.
  • The best practice is to not enable A/B test until you finish setting up both Bidding and Waterfall in this Helium placement.

Rewarded Callbacks 🔗

When creating or editing a Rewarded placement, you will see a new toggle for configuring a rewarded callback under Advanced Settings. Click the toggle to enable rewarded callbacks on your placement.

Here you will be able to configure the following options:

Option Definition
Method The HTTP method to make the callback request with. Both GET and POST are supported
Max Retries The number of times Helium will retry the callback if your server does not respond with a 200 OK. min=0, max=10
URL The URL to make the callback request to. Must be <https://>
Body Optional field that is only available when the method is POST. Supports the same macros as URL

Supported Macros 🔗

The following macros can be appended to the URL or the Body when using the POST method.

Macro Definition Required?
%%TRANSACTION_ID%% A unique impression ID associated with the rewarded event Required
%%SERVER_TIMESTAMP%% A UNIX timestamp set by the Helium server when the event is processed Required
%%USER_ID%% A publisher specific user ID associated Required
%%VERIFICATION%% A SHA256 hash encrypted with your rewarded secret key by the Helium server Required
%%SDK_TIMESTAMP%% A UNIX timestamp set by the Helium SDK when the event is processed Optional
%%CPM_PRICE%% The CPM price of the ad unit that was served Optional
%%AD_REVENUE%% The actual ad revenue value from the impression. CPM_PRICE / 1000 Optional
%%CUSTOM_DATA%% A key value JSON payload provided via the SDK that contains custom data Optional

Make sure all the required macros are present otherwise you will not be able to save the callback.

An example of a URL containing all the required macros:

Creating a Rewarded Secret Key 🔗

To create or obtain your account’s secret key, it is available under Tools → General Settings

Verifying rewarded callbacks on the publisher server 🔗

When a rewarded ad is shown, Helium will ping your server’s endpoint. An example of a Body containing all the required macros:

   "tx": "%%TRANSACTION_ID%%",
   "usr": "%%USER_ID%%",
   "sdk": %%SDK_TIMESTAMP%%,
   "svt": %%SERVER_TIMESTAMP%%,
   "hash": "%%VERIFICATION%%"

When you receive the callback, you can verify that the request is authentic by regenerating the %%VERIFICATION%% hash with the following method:

  SHA256(secret_key, message)

Note that the secret key will be the same value available from Tools in the Dashboard. You will then need to verify that the result of the operation above equals the value of the %%VERIFICATION%% hash.

Bidding Settings 🔗

eCPM Floor 🔗

  • If you are using bidding only in this Helium placement, you can enable eCPM floor by either setting a global floor or country-specific floors.
  • Country level eCPM floor takes precedence over the global eCPM floor. For any countries that don’t have country level eCPM floor, Helium will use the global eCPM floor.
  • If you are using both bidding and waterfall in this Helium placement, you should not enable eCPM floor, since you would want bidding partners to compete in all ad requests with non-bidding networks/line items.

Bidding Networks 🔗

  • Chartboost Chartboost App ID and App Signature are automatically filled
  • Meta Audience Network You need to fill in the Meta Audience Network Placement ID.
  • AdColony You need to fill in the AdColony Zone ID.
  • Tapjoy You need to fill in the Tapjoy Placement Name.

Waterfall 🔗

  • You can add existing ad groups or create a new ad group.
  • Each ad group shows the line items from mediated networks.

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