Integrate Network SDKs

Partner Network Supported SDK Versions 🔗

Please visit our Chartboost Mediation Adapter Integration Manager for the latest partner network supported SDK versions. The specific network’s supported ad formats and adapter integration instructions are also provided there.

Mediation 4.0.0 Changes 🔗

As part of the Marketing team’s efforts to clearly articulate the use cases and customers we support by being more descriptive with our product branding, Helium is being rebranded as Chartboost Mediation.

Starting in 4.0.0, the Chartboost Mediation brand will be used in place of Helium for new additions. In the coming 4.X releases, the old Helium branding will be deprecated and the new Chartboost Mediation branding will be used to give publishers a smoother transition.

Adapter Separation 🔗

Beginning with Chartboost Mediation SDK 4.0.0, the partner network adapters will no longer be bundled with the main Chartboost Mediation SDK distribution. This decoupling of the Helium SDK releases from the partner network adapter releases will allow for more rapid iterations of the adapters as the adapters will reside in their own open-source repositories.

The supported open-source adapter repositories are:

Partner Network iOS Repository
Amazon Publisher Services
Digital Turbine Exchange
Google Bidding
Meta Audience Network
Unity Ads

Adapter Versioning Scheme 🔗

With Chartboost Mediation 4.0.0, the partner adapter versions are as follows:


Our adapter versioning uses floating pegs.

Chartboost Mediation SDK Major Version 🔗

This is the major version of the Chartboost Mediation SDK that the adapter is compatible with.

Partner SDK Version 🔗

This is the full partner SDK version that the adapter is compatible with. Note that this could be the traditional major.minor.patch version scheme, but there are some partners that have a major.minor.patch.revision version scheme.

Adapter Revision 🔗

This is the version of the adapter. Typically this will start at 0 and will increment as there are hotfixes that are specific to this version of the adapter.

Examples 🔗

The following are some examples of adapter versions for Chartboost Mediation SDK 4.0.0.

Partner Adapter Version Chartboost Mediation SDK Major Version Compatible Partner SDK Version Adapter Revision
AdMob 4 21.5.0 2
IronSource 4 0

Adding Ad Network SDKs 🔗

Mediation Adapters are required to use other Ad Networks with Mediation. If you’re using CocoaPods, they can be downloaded (along with their dependent Ad Network SDKs) by adding the following to your Podfile:

# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for AdMob
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterAdMob'

# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for Amazon Publisher Services
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterAmazonPublisherServices'
# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for AppLovin
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterAppLovin'

# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for Chartboost
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterChartboost'

# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for Digital Turbine
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterDigitalTurbineExchange'

# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for Google Bidding
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterGoogleBidding'

# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for HyprMX
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterHyprMX'
# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for InMobi
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterInMobi'
# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for ironSource
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterIronSource'
# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for Meta Audience Network
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterMetaAudienceNetwork'

# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for Mintegral
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterMintegral'

# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for Pangle
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterPangle'
# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for UnityAds
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterUnityAds'
# Chartboost Mediation Adapter for Vungle
pod 'ChartboostMediationAdapterVungle'

AdMob 🔗

To integrate with AdMob iOS SDK, refer to AdMob SDK integration documentation.

Amazon Publisher Services 🔗

Amazon Publisher Services network is currently in private beta. Please reach out to Chartboost to inquire.

AppLovin 🔗

To integrate with AppLovin iOS SDK, refer to AppLovin SDK integration documentation.

Chartboost 🔗

To integrate with Chartboost iOS SDK, refer to Chartboost SDK integration documentation.

Digital Turbine 🔗

To integrate with Digital Turbine (formerly Fyber) iOS SDK, refer to Digital Turbine SDK integration documentation.

HyprMX 🔗

To integrate with HyprMX iOS SDK, refer to HyprMX SDK integration documentation.

InMobi 🔗

To integrate with InMobi iOS SDK, refer to InMobi SDK integration documentation.

ironSource 🔗

To integrate with ironSource iOS SDK, refer to ironSource SDK integration documentation.

Meta Audience Network 🔗

Starting with Meta Audience Network 5.4.x, there are additional frameworks that their SDKs require: FBBSDKCoreKit_Basics and the AudioToolbox framework. The FBBSDKCoreKit_Basics can be found here while the AudioToolbox can be added from Xcode.

CocoaPods automatically integrates Meta Audience Network SDK, therefore manual import is unnecessary.

Mintegral 🔗

To integrate with Mintegral iOS SDK, refer to Mintegral SDK integration documentation.

Pangle 🔗

To integrate with Pangle iOS SDK, refer to Pangle’s SDK integration documentation.

Unity Ads 🔗

To integrate with Unity Ads iOS SDK, refer to Unity Ads SDK implementation documentation.

Vungle 🔗

To integrate with Vungle iOS SDK, refer to Vungle SDK integration documentation.

Setting Individual Partner Consents 🔗

Partner consent can be set on an individual basis using the following API. Using these partner consents will override the global GDPR and CCPA consent used for the Chartboost Mediation SDK with the partner-specific values.

When a consent value for a partner is not present in this dictionary, then general signals provided by calls to setUserHasGivenConsent(_:) and setCCPAConsent(_:) are used as fallback.

public var partnerConsents: [PartnerIdentifier: Bool]

iOS exposes partnerConsents as a standard Dictionary type. Thus, all the usual Dictionary operations are available when using partnerConsents.

Getting Current Partner Consents 🔗

let consents = Helium.shared().partnerConsents
Helium.shared().partnerConsents["admob"] = true
Helium.shared().partnerConsents["mintegral"] = false
Helium.shared().partnerConsents.merge(["admob": true, "mintegral": false], , uniquingKeysWith: { old, new in new })

Individually Remove Partner Consents 🔗

Helium.shared().partnerConsents["admob"] = nil
Helium.shared().partnerConsents["mintegral"] = nil
Helium.shared().partnerConsents["vungle"] = nil

To replace consent with an entirely new set of values:

Helium.shared().partnerConsents = ["vungle": true, "mintegral": true]

Globally set consents will re-apply if partner consents are cleared.

Helium.shared().partnerConsents = [:]  // this is equivalent to the previous line

Partner Identifiers 🔗

Partner Partner ID
AdMob admob
Amazon Publisher Services amazon_aps
AppLovin applovin
BidMachine bidmachine
Chartboost chartboost
Digital Turbine Exchange fyber
Google Bidding (Google Ads) google_googlebidding
HyprMX hyprmx
InMobi inmobi
ironSource ironsource
Liftoff Monetize (Vungle) vungle
Meta Audience Network facebook
Mintegral mintegral
MobileFuse mobilefuse
Pangle pangle
UnityAds unity
Verve verve