Get Started with iOS

Before You Begin 🔗

Minimum Supported Development Tools 🔗

Software Version
Xcode 14.1+
iOS 11.0+
Swift 5.0+

Add the -ObjC Other Linker Flag 🔗

Add value -ObjC in the Other Linker Flags field under your project’s Build Settings for both Debug and Release.

Linking Additional Frameworks 🔗

Link the following frameworks to your project to support the Chartboost integration:

  • AVFoundation
  • CoreGraphics
  • Foundation
  • StoreKit
  • WebKit

CocoaPods 🔗

To add the Mediation SDK through CocoaPods, simply add the following to your Podfile:

pod 'ChartboostMediationSDK', ''

The packaged Mediation sample project includes a Podfile that needs the following to be executed before building and running the sample Mediation application in Xcode:

# In the directory where the Podfile exists
> pod install

Reminder: In case you have already run CocoaPods before, you may need to run pod update to be sure you’re getting the latest SDK.

> pod update