Show Ads

Showing Fullscreen Ads πŸ”—

Fullscreen Placements must be first loaded, see section Load Ads for more information.

Similar to the new load API. The new Fullscreen API utilizes C# async/await in order to request ad show. See below for details on implementation:

// Check for existing Ad 
if (_fullscreenAd == null)

// Make a load request
var adShowResult = await _fullscreenAd.Show();
var error = adShowResult.error;

// Failed to Show
if (error.HasValue)
   Debug.Log($"Fullscreen Failed to Show with Value: {error?.code}, {error?.message}");

// Successful Fullscreen Show. This will only finish after the ad show is completed.
var metrics = adShowResult.metrics;
Debug.Log($"Fullscreen Ad Did Show: {JsonConvert.SerializeObject(metrics, Formatting.Indented)}");

Showing Banner Ads πŸ”—

Banners are now automatically shown after load, see Loading Banner Ads for more information.

Releasing Chartboost Mediation Ads πŸ”—

To clear resources used by Chartboost Mediation Ads, you can use the destroy method associated with the respective Ad you used.

private void OnDestroy()
    if (_fullscreenPlacement != null)
        Debug.Log("Invalidated an existing fullscreen");
    if (_bannerAd != null)
    if (_bannerView != null)
        Debug.Log("Destroyed an existing banner");
    if(_unityBannerAd != null)
        Debug.Log("Destroyed an existing banner");

Last modified November 27, 2023